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SLPP nearly captures APC stronghold

14 December 2020 at 17:19 | 1017 views

Following what could be described as a major bye-election in the country over the weekend, Honourable Lahai Lawrence Leema (photo) of the ruling SLPP government posted this commentary on social media:

SLPP preserves it democratic pedigree

By Hon. Lahai Lawrence Leema, National Public Relations Officer SLPP

The Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party has noted the announcement of the final results by the National Returning Officer of the National Electoral Commission of the Constituency 110 parliamentary bye-elections which declared Kadie Davies of the APC as Member of Parliament elect. While we are disappointed with this result, let me on behalf of the party congratulate all our supporters for coming out and casting their ballots in a peaceful atmosphere. We wish to maintain that we accept these results with our usual grace and consider this a victory, especially because we have secured 48% of the valid votes cast, in a constituency traditionally considered an opposition stronghold. This result, we believe, is indicative of the fact that the SLPP is winning the hearts and minds of fellow Sierra Leoneans across the political divide.
With this headway, we will work hard to maintain our political bases, while continuing our national development efforts.

Let me at this juncture applaud the indefatigable and vibrant Madam Josephine Jackson, the SLPP candidate for these elections. You put up a brave fight and lost with honour, dignity and respect for yourself and the SLPP party. Your determination to win this election left us on a very good footing to evaluate our chances to win 2023 elections without a runoff.

To our revered First Lady, Mrs. Fatima Bio, we thank you for your show of leadership and drive to succeed in the midst of innumerable odds.

Thank you again to all my vigilant SLPP supporters for keeping a very high spirit and determination to win these elections. I entreat you all to keep the peace at all times and respect the ’One Country, One People’ mantra of the party.

Having said the above, let me reiterate that we honourably concede this loss and happily go back to the onerous task of leading Sierra Leone from the economic doldrums into which it was crashed by the APC.