SLPP’s clever fundraising strategy

9 August 2011 at 05:13 | 2308 views

By Alfred Sorie Kargbo, The Netherlands.

After Sierra Leone’s senseless civil war the international community pumped hundreds of millions of dollars in Sierra Leone to be directed to infrastructural development, not even a footbridge, a tiny office space or a single street was constructed by the then Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) regime. Instead, the funds were redirected to private accounts, bogus contracts, individuals’ pockets and a fraction was reserved for the past 2007 election. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong.

During the 2007 election according to Emerson’s Borboh Belleh album, Dakay/Gore SOLO was giving to electorates Le 60,000 plus a bag of rice (in 2007 cost Le 100,000) which is equal to Le 160,000 to be voted for (that might have worked 20 to 25 years back). For calculation sake let us assumed 30,000 people received and enjoyed his good gestures, it might be more. Therefore, 30,000 x Le 160,000 = Le 4,800,000,000 (Four billion and eight hundred million Leones) which was spent to buy electorates votes. At the end of the day it was a huge loss for the SLPP due to the fact that they lost the election (Negative Return on Investment). Consequently, Le 4.8 billion was spent foolishly from their coffer.

They thought of a plan to retrieve that money back. They said to be eligible as a candidate of SLPP flag bearer each candidate was to pay Le 50 million (Fifty million Leones) of which all complied to. Luckily for them, 19 candidates vied for the position and they collected Le 950,000,000 (Nine hundred and fifty million Leones). Did they make a profit? No. Le 950 million – Le 4.8 billion = Minus Le 3.85 billion (their Gross Loss) (this is according to my assumption of 30,000 electorates been bribed).

If we can go according to the table below published by Awareness Times as the outcome of the SLPP flag bearer election, then I will like to ask the candidates who got 1 vote. Did you vote for yourself or some else did? Those with 2 votes I am convinced they voted for themselves and someone else. Are you telling me that your Le 50 million could ONLY give 1 or 2 votes? If you were told that SLPP had wanted to rip Le 50 million off you for just 1 or 2 votes you would not have believed even an angel had said so.

Obai Kabia-9 votes

Alpha Wurie-2 votes

Askia Koroma-2 votes

Andrew Keili-57 votes

Momodu Koroma-12 votes

Morie Manyeh-6 votes

Joe Moiba-1 vote

John Leigh-2 votes

Ismail Sengu Koroma-1 vote

Maada Bio-238 votes

Elizabeth Lavalie-1 vote

Kadi Sesay-28 votes

Bu-buakei Jabbi-1 vote

Usman Boie Kamara-186 votes

Anthony Soyei-7 votes

Alpha Timbo-44 votes

Emmanuel Grant-2 votes

Kadi Johnson-Cole1 vote

Umaru Dumbuya-2 votes

Those who still have hopes and dreams to climb at the top end of the palm tree, when SLPP still preserved their old-fashioned and unchanged strategies in politics, let them think again and wake up from their dreams before it is too late. Word for the WISE is quiet sufficient.

As for SLPP’s elected leader, Maada Bio, the result of 2012 will speak for itself. If he has a good, horrific or nasty record time will tell. Sierra Leone electorate are no more stupid, their five senses are functioning well.