Letter to editor

SLPP Article Sparks Controversy

19 July 2005 at 13:35 | 721 views

The article on the SLPP(see cover story) by the editor and publisher of this newspaper, Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, sparked controversy in the online forum of the COCORIOKO newspaper edited by Leroy Kabs-Kanu.We publish here one of the contributions made by a forumite with the name APH and another by a reader called Samuel Tholley.

GGK, based on the post-independence period when we had civilian rule, can you provide empirical evidence of this (your) viewpoint, or is it irrelevant? If you do believe it is relevant consider taking into account the following time periods, to assist in making a quantitative and objective assessment.

1. The period of post-independence rule starts from 1961 to the present-44 years.

2. Duration of military rule=1 (NRC)+4(NPRC)+1(AFRC/RUF)=6 years.

3.Therefore, duration of civilian rule=44-6=38 years.

4.Duration of civilian rule with minority as leader = 17(Stevens)+ 7 (Momoh) + 8 (Kabbah)= 32 years.

5.Duration of civilian rule with Mende leader and Themne Deputy leader= 3(Milton Margai) + 3(Albert Margai)=6 years.

Gibril’s response: Thanks APH for your reaction. Your points 4 and 5 amply prove my thesis.I shall, in the not too distant future look at the reasons why leaders from minority tribes stay longer in office in Sierra Leone while those from majority tribes dont.

Dear Gibril

Your analysis of the SLPP aspiring leadership and salient
factors depicting all the candidates is quite in place. The big suprise
is that inspite of their differences, they stand united to usher a common
goal. Unlike the main opposition party (APC), that is in disarray due to
leadership crisis, the prospect of defeating the SLPP is imminent if the
present crisis is resolved.

Samuel Tholley

Washington, DC