SLFA President Isha Johansen to be Honoured in Liechtenstein

1 October 2013 at 01:20 | 2197 views

By John Lappia Konteh, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

For some, greatness is achieved by the work they do and for others greatness comes as predestination or preordination. The latter need not labour or toil, they only need to be strategically positioned when the wind of greatness is blowing. This can be said of the first Female President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Isha Johansen.

Isha (photo) has big dreams, really big dreams. She decides what she wants and goes after it, because she realized that no one who has achieved greatness had little expectations. She expects more than anyone else expects from her. And her expectations are continually being met and her value and stock is constantly rising by either recognition from a continental or global body or a football (soccer) related body.

Mrs. Johansen has recently been appointed to serve as a Football Is More Africa (FIM) Africa Committee Member. She will represent the FIM Network in every project in Africa.

FOOTBALL IS MORE is a social foundation with the well-known Partners Liverpool FC, FC Zürich and Real Madrid Foundation.

Their network includes not only football organizations, but also Non-Governmental Organization’s (NGO’s) like Zayed Higher Organization (ZHO) from Abu Dhabi, China World Peace Foundation (CWPF) and also United Nations Special Advisor (UNOSDP).

The project includes the advancement of professional football, the social aspects and level of investment needed and education as an important inclusion.

In a statement from the FIM secretariat, the Chief Executive Officer of FIM said “Over the years FIM and I personally have engaged you and the team you founded, FC JOHANSEN in our tournament. Equally, we have observed with admiration and respect your dedication and hard work in promoting your country through football. It is for this reason Madam that we would like to present our Partners this Project in Africa. This would be a great chance to show our partners the importance of giving support to Sierra Leone.”

He said “LIVERPOOL FC and REAL MADRID FOUNDATION have shown keen interest in Sierra Leone. It is for this purpose, I would recommend a partnership between FOOTBALL IS MORE and the Sierra Leone FA.” This Partnership will help the country including the underprivileged, handicapped and teenagers without an education.

Mrs. Johansen, will be presented as a new important partner of FIM to football movers and shakers, Iain Ayre (CEO Liverpool FC), H.E. Mohamed Fadhel Al Hameli (CEO Zayed Higher Organization), Dr. Li Yeuk Wang (CEO China World Peace Foundation), Reiner Calmund (Special Advisor FIM), Tom Bender (CEO Bundesliga Stiftung) amongst others at this year’s social forum with the theme “TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER” on the 3rd of October 2013 in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.