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Sierra Leoneans in Edmonton fly their national flag

By  | 29 April 2019 at 14:13 | 1500 views

Sierra Leoneans in Edmonton fly their national flag

Saturday 27 April 2019 was a snowy day in Edmonton, Canada. Yet the white flakes did not stop Sierra Leoneans from coming out and hoisting the Green-White-and-Blue in the heart of the city. Compatriot Regina Oppon even travelled a few hundred kilometres from the northern mining town Fort McMurray, just to be in Edmonton for the occasion.

“We have showers of blessings,” Regina Oppon said just before the event began. John Elliot, auditor of the Sierra Leone Association of Alberta (SLAA) joined Mrs. Oppon in performing the ceremonial hoisting of this national symbol of Sierra Leone.

The ceremony was to mark the independence of Sierra Leone on April 27, 1961. It was the second flag raising ceremony for Sierra Leone; with the first having been held on Thursday 27 April 2017.

The keynote speaker at this year’s event was Augustine Marah, a former president of the association. Marah’s address was followed by a speech delivered by current SLAA president Dr. Abu Conteh. Among attendees were former SLAA president Kemoh Mansaray, other current executives, and a cross-section of the association’s general membership.

Formalities began and ended with Christian and Islamic prayers. SLAA organizing Secretary Adiatu Kuyateh served as MC. It was a brief, somewhat low-key event. This was due in part to the inclement weather. Also, SLAA executives and volunteers were running a tight schedule as the association prepared to host a dinner and dance later that same day.