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Sierra Leonean community in Canada bids farewell to Dr. Moses Batema

25 November 2018 at 19:14 | 6319 views

By our Ottawa Correspondent

Members of the Sierra Leonean Community in Canada organised an event in Ottawa (Canada’s capital city) to say goodbye to a distinguished community champion, Dr. Moses Batema.

His Excellency President Julius Bio of the Republic of Sierra Leone recently appointed Dr. Moses Batema as one of the Managing Directors of the National Medical Supplies Agency. He is deputizing Dr. Lawrence Sandi, himself a reputable medical practitioner.

Dr. Moses Batema is a registrant of Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC), a registered Pharmacist, both in Ontario, Canada and Sierra Leone. He holds a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a professional Doctor of Pharmacy education from the University of Toronto. He has years of experience as a pharmacist and manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Until his appointment in Sierra Leone, Dr. Moses Batema served as a Pharmacy Manager in a busy community practice in the Ottawa area (Ontario, Canada) with a patient-care focus. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical research, global pharmaceutical policy analysis and regulatory affairs.

At community level, Dr. Batema has been a leader and profound voice and support for the underprivileged. He is known for participating in Sierra Leonean community activities including the call to make Sierra Leone a better place for all Sierra Leoneans.

“I am happy about his appointment and we’re going to miss Dr. Batema,” said Harold Pabs-Garnon, a respected Sierra Leonean Community member and President of the Krio Descendants Union in Ontario. “He is one of the most honest Sierra Leoneans I have had the experience to work with.”

It was no surprise that the Sierra Leonean community in Ontario, Canada gathered in Ottawa to congratulate and wish their brother and friend, Dr. Moses Batema the very best in his new role as Deputy Managing Director.

The community farewell event started off with remarks by the organizers including Chief Paul Duwai-Sowa who wears many hats as Board Member of Concerned Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone in Ontario, Director of Tegloma Canada Inc., and Regional Chairman SLPP Canada. “Sierra Leone needs a skilled workforce and we are enamored by your credentials and goodwill to help give a new direction to our medical services”, Chief Sowa said.

Hawa Sannoh, a healthcare professional in Canada, added, “Dr. Batema, my husband and I are grateful for your friendship and we pray that God protects you because you are a caring and really wonderful person.”

Dr. Batema who is popularly known among the Sierra community as “Mojo,” was showered with gifts and praises for his community involvement in Canada.

Some community members present including Alpha Shaw, Secretary General of Sierra Leone Union offered prayers for the family, and pieces of advice to Dr. Batema.

The Chairlady of SLLP Ontario and Regional Women’s Leader, Hawa Massaquoi presented a gift on behalf of the SLPP to Dr. Batema. “Many will agree with me that the absence of Dr. Moses Batema will leave a void that will be difficult to fill, she said.

"This is a bitter-sweet time for me and my family, but I’d like to thank the community for the special gifts and your support over the years. It’s been 15 good years. Canada is home and I will really miss you all," Dr. Batema said in an emotional tone.

“My new position is a pay cut, but you know what, I am happy to accept the offer because Sierra Leone needs us, and I’m most grateful to President Bio for this opportunity,” said Dr. Batema.

Dr. Batema concluded that in spite of my hard work and determination in life, he is glad to give back to Sierra Leone, a country that has given him enormous opportunities.

The event ended with a sumptuous dinner of traditional Sierra Leonean meals, music and dancing.