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Sierra Leone: Vox Pop on government White Paper

28 September 2020 at 18:24 | 1043 views

By Emperor Bailor Jalloh- PV Freetown Bureau Chief

Following the official launching of Government White Papers of the three Commissions of Inquiry by President Julius Maada Bio after receiving them from the Attorney General and Minster of Justice on Thursday September 24,2020 at State House in Freetown, Emperor Bailor Jalloh gauged the views of the following people in Freetown:

Aminata Kanu ,who has just sat to the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination ( WASSCE) had this to say: “ Yeah, corruption in this country is like a religion because everything is corruption; politicians no more hesitate to engage in corruption causing too much hardship on the people and sending the country backwards: so for me, the fight against corruption by President Bio is in place. “

Kadiatu Kamara, a housewife also had this say: “ I am afraid of political violence because when there is violence it will affect us as some of us don’t know anything about politics, we want peace.”

Mariama Jalloh, a university student preferred not to comment.

Joe, who has just sat to WASSCE also had this to say: “Hmmm I don’t want to comment because am yet to see the Commissions of Inquiry recommendations and the White Papers and some will say it is a witch hunt, but what I heard from President Bio and the Attorney General and Minister of Justice during the launching of the White Paper, I think this is a good political precedent in Sierra Leone that will serve as a warning to the current Government.”

Adams Bundu, a prospective university student also had this to say: “ As for me, I have no problem with the Government White Paper because corruption is not good for any nation and politicians should be held accountable for their activities during and after power including the current Government of President Bio, I also do appreciate President Bio for not accepting the recommendation of the Commissions of Inquiry to ban those found guilty of corruption."

Usifu,a painter, had this to say: “ If Government has the mechanisms to take back the money and property from them, let Government go ahead and do that because corruption making our country go behind every day, we don’t want corruption again in Sierra Leone. “