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Sierra Leone: Software engineer urges parliament to enact cyber crime bill

17 September 2020 at 18:07 | 1715 views

By Emperor Bailor Jalloh- PV Freetown Bureau Chief

Following the recent presentation of a proposed legislation /bill entitled Cyber Crime Act, 2020 to the Pre-legislative Committee of the Sierra Leone Parliament as a first step of legislation by the Minister of Information and Communications Hon. Mohamed Rahman Swaray, a former Sierra Leonean newspaper editor, Abu Whyte Fofanah (photo), has urged parliament to enact the bill entitled Cyber Crime Act 2020.

Fofanah was part of the first batch of Sierra Leoneans to study at Masers degree level in Software Engineering on scholarship to China.

The bill the Minister of Information and Communications as part of fighting terrorism and cyber crime in cyber space to ensure peace and stability, secure, justice and development in the country.

Engineer Abu Whyte Fofanah who was responding in an exclusive interview with this medium at his Kissy Bye Pass road residence, east of Freetown on Wednesday September 16 , 2020 described the said bill as timely and important for the nation in a bid to promote peace and stability , security , crime and terrorism prevention in cyber space to follow international best practices as social media are being misused by many people in the country including some Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora characterized by political tension , crime and violence.

He also recalled during his software engineering studies in China about home land security with modern software engineering and expertise in software engineering which he wishes to be replicated in his home country, Sierra Leone, to be backed by the required cyber security legislation with proper implementation of such legislation and empowering the state security apparatus including the law enforcement agents like the Sierra Leone Police.

He however, suggested to the current government of President Bio after passing the Cyber Crime Bill into law to make sure there are enough required technological devices and enough required human resources in implementing the Cyber Crime Law when enacted by Parliament and to be also backed by political will.