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Sierra Leone’s First Lady is a social media expert

17 September 2020 at 15:18 | 2528 views

By Santigie Momoh, Freetown

Sierra Leone’s First Lady Mrs. Fatima Bio (pictured) has put Sierra Leone’s opposition in an uproar and senseless excitement and anguish when she sarcastically posted a message in which she said she and her husband were on a honeymoon.

According to very close sources to her, the First Lady’s words were not an insensitive statement, but a sharp response to the Sierra Leonean opposition and their supporters who have been peddling all sorts of rumours claiming her husband was very sick and is at the point of death.

Other sources say she was just " helping people maintain their jobs" ( of gossiping about her and her husband) by throwing the bone of a "honeymoon" for them to chew on.

The sources also say the private visit to Lebanon by the First Couple may have to do with the much-awaited White Paper on the recent Commission of Enquiry report on the corruption of the past administration which will be out soon. That Commission of Enquiry (known as COI in Sierra Leone) was headed by a Nigerian judge, Justice Biobele. It made some heavy recommendations that have thrown the main opposition party in disarray.

" The President may not want to be bothered by phone calls and visits from close friends in and out of the country, pleading on behalf of thieves and robbers as is often the case in Sierra Leone, so he apparently decided to be out of the country while the White Paper is being processed. I am not saying this is what is happening but this is what I think is happening," one of the sources said.

"It’s remarkable how the usually dumb Sierra Leone opposition fell for the First Lady’s swift counter-attack and sadly, even the BBC fell for it. The First Lady is not on a honeymoon, it was a response to those who say her husband is almost dying in Lebanon and is being moved around in a wheelchair or wheelbarrow. Now, nobody is talking about President Bio being sick. They are all talking about a honeymoon. Our First Lady, whose background is in Journalism and Acting, is also a social media expert," one of the sources concluded.

Here is a video sent to us by one of the supporters of the First Couple: