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Sierra Leone: President Bio’s popularity soars

7 April 2020 at 17:43 | 1842 views


By Mohamed Kamara, Freetown

A public opinion poll conducted by a team of Satellite reporters has indicated that the Bio Administration has garnered increased support from patriotic Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of their political differences, for the prompt measures he has adopted to frustrate any occurrence of the COVID-19 in Sierra Leone.

One school of thought interviewed opined that critics of the State of Emergency should be regarded as unpatriotic people who would like to see the virus invade our country because of their selfish political beliefs.

However, the majority on the contrary lavish praises on President Bio; noting that if other nations whose citizens are at the risk of death would have adopted similar measures before the migration of the virus into their territories, the spread of the Coronavirus diseases would have been limited.

Therefore, they said the mechanism already adopted as a preventive measure should be followed and not underestimated because of political malice, noting that the SOE is an initiative in the right direction.

On plans and strategies put in place, pro-Bio supporters maintain that he has included all walks of life in the sensitization process including traditional and religious leaders.

They further stated that we should understand that the virus infection is not discriminatory, which warrants us to manifest the highest support needed to ensure that despite our political differences, this one is an enemy without borders.

Let’s stay United to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Call 117 for Emergency.

Credit: Satellite News, Freetown, Sierra Leone