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Sierra Leone: First couple back in town

22 September 2020 at 01:09 | 1318 views

By Our Correspondent

President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone and First Lady Fatima Bio arrived Saturday at the Lungi International Airport near Freetown, ending weeks of speculations on the health of the president who was on a short visit to Lebanon.

The First Couple looked quite healthy as the descended the special plane that brought them the country (photo)

Meanwhile, in Lebanon itself the president had a meeting with some Sierra Leoneans , some of whom needed help to return back home.

President Julius Maada Bio, according to sources, has facilitated the repatriation of 130 of them from Lebanon. A total of 16 people people will leave that country on Sunday the 20th of September and another 15 will leave on the 27th of September. 50 of the Sierra Leoneans will leave on the 4th of October and the rest will be on the shores of Sierra Leone at the end of October.

The presidential couple were in perfect health through out their stay in Lebanon despite wild and ridiculous rumours disseminated by the Sierra Leonean opposition and their supporters on social media.