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Sierra Leone-born Frederica Williams, CEO of Boston’s top health center, speaks on Covid-19

15 April 2020 at 00:48 | 2476 views


With attention riveted now on African Americans as victims of Corona Virus disproportionately, Sierra Leone-born Frederica Williams (photo) was interviewed by WCVB Channel 5, the ABC-affiliated television station in Boston about this gross disparity.

Here she shares her views at Whittier Street Health Center which she runs in Boston and whose $40 million building (in backdrop) is named the Frederica Williams Building in her honor.

Frederica shared a comment with me she wrote in response to someone who asked "whether she has something for Sierra Leone"

As a proud Sierra Leonean, Frederica Willliams is deeply committed to supporting Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans. She has significantly increased access to health care and social services for approximately 30,000 of which 60% are immigrants. A large number of Sierra Leoneans are served by her organization and she continues to support many Sierra Leonean educational and healthcare organizations. Williams considers herself blessed and she does not take that lightly in "paying forward."

She is grateful for the strong foundation and values instilled in her by her parents and the loving community of family and friends while growing up in Freetown. While her work is being done in Boston, she maintains a soft spot in her heart and incessant commitment to the people of Sierra Leone. Her personal life mission is positively impacting many Sierra Leoneans, and she hopes to continue to expand her contributions to her beloved Sierra Leone.

Interestingly, the other interviewee in the clip below is Chief Medical Officer of the Dimock Center, another large health care and human services facility in Boston where Williams was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer before becoming CEO at Whittier.