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Saddam Ends Hunger Strike

28 February 2006 at 05:13 | 923 views

Saddam Hussein(photo) has reportedly ended a hunger strike he began earlier this month to protest the way his trial has been conducted.

The deposed Iraqi dictator’s lawyer said Saddam started eating again for health reasons.

The trial is set to resume on Tuesday, after a two-week recess.

The trial began in October, with Saddam and seven others facing charges of crimes against humanity.

The former president has denounced the credibility of the court and the chief judge, saying he has been forced to attend hearings he wanted to boycott.

Saddam’s lawyer said his client was in good spirits, but has lost some weight.

The team of lawyers defending Saddam and his co-defendants have been boycotting the trial since last month, saying Judge Raouf Abdel Rahman is biased and should step down.

The judge banned the lawyers from meeting with their clients, but lifted that order so the lawyers could return for Tuesday’s hearing.

The defence, however, plans to ask for the session to be postponed, citing increased violence in Iraq following last week’s bombing at a Shia shrine.

The defendants are facing charges stemming from the killings of 148 people in the town of Dujail in response to a 1982 assassination attempt.

Saddam could be hanged if convicted.