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President Bio:The record-breaker since independence

22 June 2020 at 02:56 | 2193 views


President Bio: The record-breaker since independence

By Elkass Sannoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leoneโ€™s President, His Excellency Julius Maada Bio (photo) has made unthinkable achievements with a landmark legacy since independence. I have been compelled to summarize these records and call him, RECORD- BREAKING PRESIDENT.

- Free internet connectivity for 1000 School pupils since independence.

- Ultra-modern diagnostics and radiotherapy cancer treatment center with 9.8 million United States Dollars already approved for the construction work, first since independence.

- Modernisation of car wash centres since independence,
to create permanent jobs for youths.

- One Hundred and Three Billion Leones raised in two days, 14 and 15 June, 2020 by the National Revenue Authority since independence.

- First to introduce regional free roaming for all telecommunication networks in eight West African countries.

- Free Quality Education for primary, Junior and Senior Secondary schools since independence.

- First to introduce e-learning as lecturers at the University of Sierra Leone now teaching students via video, first since independence.

- Monthly savings of Le. 5.0 Billion out of fake payroll detected will provide fiscal space to recruit 1,600 new teachers, first since independence.

- Cancellation of two loan agreements totaling 300 million United States Dollars that posed huge financial burden on the citizens, first since independence.

- First to introduce scholarships for all students pursuing courses in the sciences at Universities and Colleges in Sierra Leone: Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Agriculture etc.

- 9 months in governance without international funding with reliance on domestic revenue, the first since independence.

- Appointment of first woman Attorney General and Minister of Justice, first since independence.

- Appointment of first woman Deputy Inspector General of Police, first since independence.

- 300 females recruited in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, first since independence.

- 21 Billion Leones raised so far from corrupt persons with very high conviction rates, first since independence.

- Payment of salaries to all Mayors and Chairmen of Local Councils, first since independence.

With a glimmer of hope, many Sierra Leoneans are confident that under the President Bioโ€™s leadership, Sierra Leone will be a better place to live within the sub-region.