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Poetry: The Fourth Blind Man of Hindustan

28 June 2018 at 17:26 | 5107 views

The Fourth Blind Man of Hindustan

By Fayia Sellu, USA

Orwell couldn’t see, yet understand
The fourth blind man of Hindustan
What happened to fall right behind
Where the colonial lost its rind
Whether it is wont for the Elephant
When the swords of life assay want
How the man’s rivers blind his hopes, cold
To shores of whores that anchors foretold

Destiny’s debt defection doth drag deep
Sanctimony sheets, sloffen slaves, sanguine
He is nothing much more than a quip
Where the Elephant’s posterior puffs its twins
Your Hindustan falls right behind the defecation
That rain the Southlands, anointed with stupefaction
Oh, oh, oh the Elephant is a dream, on roller skates
It is double-helmed, on the frock, of Norman Bates.

February 10, 2018