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Poetry: The Day God Winked

27 August 2010 at 01:26 | 1195 views

The Day God Winked

By Fayia Sellu, California, USA.

January 6th, 1999.
The sun was hung-over
Groggily it stumbled to its place
The national treasury was belching smoke
Its wooden Victorian entrails
An arsonist’s delicacy
Succumbed in full view
Of King Jimmy’s errant soul
Drug-crazed men and babes
Totting AK47s, RP-and –you-name-it “G”
That sung harmonious melodies
Bringing rapture to Freetownians

Propaganda loomed its cloak
As if to spew forth Kierkegaardian hope
But again, it depends
East or West of Congo Town?
God’s phone rang off the hook
Folks dusted the business card
To his direct line

Lucifer’s apostles
Your forgotten neighbors
Their shacks flanked your home remember?
They ate scraps
From your table, garbage
Not today
A day like this…
When law and order is padlocked
In Lucifer’s closet
They will defecate in theirs
And your plate too!
When not even sunlight
Can glimmer in this darkness