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Poetry: Fadika

25 August 2016 at 05:37 | 4962 views


By Gbanabom Hallowell, Freetown.

Your federal demise
And the eternal
Destination of this nation
Speak volume
To the smoke of your
Human ambiguity.
I salute the ladder
That made you a man,
That stentorian twin
Thunder of your patriotic
Lightening across
The face of our skies.
Comrade of the poor,
I speak to your
Tertiary ambition
Now lying at the foot
Of hope, that antique
Brother of the museum
Of the gods.
Those who mourn
You can only gather
Around their tears
In the usual
Agricultural sorrow.
I bring you my hand
By the coat of its sadness
And the sadness
Of a nation
That listened to you with
The colonial twilight
Of London against
The background
The slavish
Liberty we sweated
To live forever.
Adieu, night of the palm.
Shadows go into you
Void of the stentorian
Thunder of distant roar.
A little while longer
Your corpse shall vanish
From between the eyes!

Gbanabom Hallowell (c)