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Poetry: The agony of a nation

24 February 2020 at 15:49 | 1697 views

The Agony of a Nation

By Jacob Bami Palmer, USA

Tear drops from his bloodshot eyes cascaded down his strong rugged cheeks
A man, a very strong man silently wailing cause of a broken heart
His hopes for his Kinfolks
His vision for a brighter future
His love for his nation
demolished by the intrigues of his own people
The tears came down like we have never seen
Invoking the heavens and marshalling the saints
The cries were heard far into the dark gloomy skies
As a moribund nation wrestles with its own demons
Its own monsters.
Nurtured by greed, selfishness and corruption
All whilst a paralyzed people stood by helplessly
amidst the rubbles of their once ancient pride
we cried and prayed drenched with the tears of our own blood
watching our land and our future being plundered and looted
by the overseers of our destiny
Our cries were heard far and wide
Beyond the Moa river echoing from Bintumani to Kamboi hills
The pain is agonizing and the anguish is deep
Even the harmony of the drumbeats of our forefathers
could not ease the never-ending pain
Nor drown the endless cries of our Mothers
What happened to the vision that our ancestors handed down to our fathers
What happened to the dawn of a new day
What happened to the tomorrow we saw in our dreams
What happened to the lion in the mountains? What happened?
Is the curse of our forefathers still haunting our Salone?
Are the ghosts of the innocent lurking in the gallows of Pademba Road still angry with us?
We suffer in silence hoping we would one day rewrite the history of our misery
but then our pages are still blank. Nothing yet to write about
We are now left with an unending bitter taste
After drinking from the poisoned well of greed, materialism and thievery
But we continue to espy hope and the rise of a new day
Buoyed by the courage and strength of our great Warriors
All whilst Clinging to our shattered dreams and their broken promises
Consoling ourselves that our tomorrow will be better
Even as we hold tightly to our weary children
Hoping and praying for a better tomorrow