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Poetry: Africa is rich but poor!

5 July 2020 at 21:09 | 2012 views

Africa is rich but poor!

Spoken Word Poetry by Sinneh T Moijueh, Freetown, Sierra Leone

I can see life moving round in circles,
ethics suspended like beautiful bubbles,
vanished by a simple blow of wind.

Revelations about the truth are not a mystery,
It takes a simple use of the mind.
With indignation and frustration,
I decided to bring this revelation for a transformation.

Africa the rich continent!
Africa the poor continent!
It may sound illogical or paradoxical!
But nonetheless it’s factual,
for we are rich in minerals and resources,
but poor in morals and ethics.

We want our situation to change!
But we are not ready,
to change our minds and hearts,
for that which is good and right,
for national progress.

And therefore, we continue to slumber as a result of our very actions and inactions.
I wonder why we are trying to keep a white surface clean,
in an open area exposed to dust!

It is ok to be intelligent!
but intellectualism without finance is frustration.
We cry for school fees but still see a sea of people who don’t feel or see what we see!

The dreams of our graduates are buried in streams of hopeless thoughts, we got, from a pool of unemployment!
So this gives them less hope!
As they become hope-less!
As to what the future really holds.

And our parents continue to submit meekly to insults in the hands of foreigners just to get our daily bread!

Mahatma Gandhi once said that: “you must be the change that you wish to see in the world”,
but Africans have long accepted,
immorality and corruption to be the norms of daily life.

So when would we live our lives,
with ease, and peace,
with a mind, that sees,
the breeze of genuine success!?

We dance to the music of the very culture that has buried us,
when a renewal of the culture is what would ultimately salvage us.

From north to south,
from east to west,
a wind rose to fly with the dream of Africa, blocked by the walls of corruption and injustice.

Ordinary citizens become public officials,
and all public officials were once ordinary citizens.
It’s not the coat that matters,
but the man in the coat.
The rotation is not a solution,
but a change of attitude is.

As we move along the road of redemption, challenges would surely tend to vanish our promises into mere wishes of the mind.
But let’s not give up on the African dream!
Let’s keep the hope alive,
for God will surely send his divine light to clear our path to Glory.

God’s divine wind will move our tears,
to fill the holes once left in our hearts,
and make our continent great again.

Barack Obama once said that: “change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change that we seek.”
So let’s take responsibility,
and move in unity,
to restore the dignity,
of our very humanity.

There is no individual transformation without character transformation,
there’s no national transformation without individual transformation.
If Africa must change,
then we the people making up Africa should first change.

Now my question is: Are we going to continue complaining, and avoid the all important decision of changing our very selves?

Or do we want to continue suffering?

It’s, our choice, to make!

Born in Kenema, Sierra Leone, Sinneh T Moijueh developed an unwavering passion to see Africa free from the ills of corruption and injustice, as a solution to its redemption. This inspired him to form a Non-Governmental Organization called ‘The Perfect Guide for Mankind (PGM)’ whose vision is “to ensure every African succeeds without Corruption and Injustice and make Africa the best place on the planet”.

The organization primarily uses the media (Television, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube etc) to disseminate information that are carefully designed to transform the mindset of Africans away from corruption and injustice, with a particular focus on the younger generation, through the provision of innovative combinations of success principles, carefully designed to guarantee genuine success. The organization produces a popular Television Show called “The PGM Show” which is also shared on Facebook and YouTube. The AYV Media Empire has been central in helping the PGM achieve its Vision and Mission through the airing of the shows on their TV Station.

The organization has received overwhelming impact stories from citizens which mainly revolve around how their mindsets have been transformed for good away from corruption and injustice. Sinneh as an individual is a Pan-African Activist, a Life Coach, an Inspirational Leader, and a Chartered Accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in the UK. He has consistently written life-changing articles on Life in general, Success, and solutions to Africa’s problems, mainly through his Facebook page and has been able to attract an audience of close to 19,000 followers on Facebook. His most recent article demystifies why Africa is where it is today and the solution to its problems, titled “AFRICA IS RICH BUT POOR”, attracting the highest reactions ever on his Facebook page.