Letter to editor

Please help stop the killers!

15 December 2007 at 23:01 | 1403 views

Dear Editor,
I do not have any intention to exhaust you with sad information about horrible things that have happened and those that are happening in many areas in Sierra Leone.

Similar things do happen in many parts of Africa but this does not justify our silence over sad things that happen to our people. Some people do not care because they see the impossibility of bad things happening to their family their friends. Ok, that is fine.

Yes, it is true that many quack dispensers, nurses and hospital workers are roaming throughout the country doing havoc to many people. I believe previous governments never worked hard to eradicate this chronic problem killing many of our people.In many cases when the malpractices result in death, the murder case is quickly killed. This creates serious problems for many people and it simply gives green light for people to continue murdering our people.

Some people cynically say these acts will help bad governments to slow down population growth but it is unfair and it must be stopped.

I am sure many people do not know the number of male children that die after circumcision because these are often associated with witches or it is said the victim had bad flesh, but the truth is that many deaths are caused by infections derived from the use of infected scissors and injections. Dirty instruments, needles and wrong types of anesthesia are commonly used or sharp locally manufactured knives.

One will know there is hell after the process is completed and the evildoer is gone. This is the true test of manhood one must pass and one must pass it or die in the ratline. No crying or biting on the lips will be accepted by the sema mansa (karamoko). The symptoms of the coming trouble are severe itching and swollen penis. Babies cry a lot and mothers become worried and restless. Yes, the quack dispensers must be stopped and this government should do everything possible to stop them.

I am sure there are many brothers and sisters abroad that do research and have good knowledge about what is going on in Africa. Africa south of the Sahara has been the experimental ground for many bad things but we hardly know about the bad things until after they have been applied. It is easy to pass through the back doors to get to the Africans especially where poverty is voraciously killing people.

Some good examples are experiments made on prostitutes, black women and black children (with live AIDS virus). Though this became a big issue and many people protested about it but it died out because the countries and governments concerned never pursued the matters seriously.

Many Kenyans, Ugandans and Cameroonians were baffled when news broke out that the AIDS virus was applied to prostitutes and children as experiments. Sierra Leoneans went on the rampage when the Washington Post published an article about the deal to dump toxic wastes in Sierra Leone.

People should now see why president Ernest Koroma should be helped by all Sierra Leoneans.The safety of the nation lies in his hands and in our hands because Sierra Leone does not belong to our president and his officials. Active participation by many Sierra Leoneans is extremely important and it is the best method to help eradicate some of the chronic and serious problems.

Here is one havoc done by a killer: Karnie Kandeh is 26 years old and she is fighting hard to restore strength in her right leg, which is almost dead. She had an injection on her butt when she was 5 years old and the result is semi paralysis. The family worked hard through other methods to make her leg function again but in vain.

The rebel war and the series of attacks on Koinadugu made it devastating and harder. Her mother had to be running around with her for safety. They survived the war but 15 years of her precious life was wasted, as nothing could be done, no schooling, trade or good health. Three years ago this pretty lady decided to put her suffering behind and do something. She found a food and nutrition program located in Aberdeen and enrolled, but it was still difficult because she lives in Wellington with her mother and transportation is extremely difficult.

She was lucky to have someone help her with lodging in Aberdeen (Monday through Friday). Kanie successfully completed the program within three years and now she is doing a computer course. The biggest obstacles are one bad leg and low education. She is working on improving herself in English, basic Mathematics and typing but this is also hard because she has to pay for lessons.

Kanie is afraid to get involved in any love affair because she does not want to increase her problems. Kanie is sending a message across and she is asking all good people to decry and condemn quack dispensers and nurses.

It true that many young people have been damaged in hospitals, clinics and in their homes but not much has been done to stop those responsible. This time we should stand united and stop them.

I believe certain measures should be taken to stop the killers. Help to stop the killers. A strong campaign should be undertaken and every chief should educate his people about the dangers of illegal drugs, quack dispensers, nurses and hospital workers. I am appealing to this government to monitor drugs entering the country and the use of drugs in hospitals, clinics and approved locations. Government should set up an independent qualified body that will inspect all hospitals, pharmacies and stations. Radio and television messages should be aired to educate the public.

Thank you
Sorie M.Jawara