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Open Letter to President Kabbah

29 August 2007 at 01:47 | 772 views

4607 15th. St. NW.
Washington DC 20011
August 24, 2007.

President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah
Attention:Editor- Patriotic Vanguard.

Dear President Ahmed Tejan Kabba,
Subject:Save Sierra Leone.

I am extending this communication to you with the hope that you will take immediate action to correct your mistakes and save Sierra Leone especially during this critical time.

You are fully aware of some of the terrible mistakes you have made in the past. The results of your gross negligence and mistakes had a severe impact on Sierra Leone and the people of Sierra Leone.The suffering and damages done were beyond calculation and repair.

I am sure you do not want many Sierra Leoneans to come to the conclusion that you took the country with another agenda in mind which is malicious intention to destroy it and place Sierra Leoneans in extreme suffering not of their own making.

I hereby briefly outline some of your dangerous maneuvers:
1. Mr. President, you sat there drinking sweet rice pap and watching movies while plans were made to force you out of power. You admitted you heard about it but would not believe it would happen; therefore, you ignored everything until it happened.

2. Mr. President, you acted foolishly when you were brought back. You ignored your negligence and became deaf to many of us who appealed to you for the immediate release of innocent people captured by your crazy supporters. You and some of your hench men and women were enjoying rice acara and ginger beer while citizens were molested, harassed and robbed. You knew all about it but you did nothing positive to stop your mad dogs, thugs and hooligans.

3. I was shocked by the immoral behavior of your representatives outside and inside Sierra Leone especially those very near you. My efforts to get to you and force you to secure the nation were blocked. My letters were intercepted and my telephone calls to you were all blocked. The result of this was the invasion of Freetown in January 1999. The disgusting part was the clear path you opened for people to enrich themselves. Lawyers, prison officers, police, your supporters etc were all making money, while you kept many innocent people languishing in prison.

Mr. President, you are sitting again ordering the green light for thuggery, hooliganism and all forms of barbarism. You are fully aware of what is happening in some areas about the election malpractices. ARE YOU PLANNING TO DESTROY the country before you leave?

This is a malicious way of mistreatment of a country and its people. We know you want your party to win, but we also believe the game must be played in a clean way. Please remember your party has a stinking record. You know the dirty games always played by your party. Please understand that we also know the dirty games the opposition (A.P.C.) is capable of playing, hence you must be fair to all parties so that elections can be won honorably.

This will sustain democracy or your so-called democracy will become democrazy. Let honesty and justice for all prevail. Please do not play double jeopardy dirty game. I am sure you do not want to throw the country into another bloody civil war.

I am not afraid to tell you that you have contributed indirectly to the killing of many people through your wrong methods of doing things. We have had enough and I personally want you to know that it is wrong for you to sit there and turn deaf and blind to what is going wrong in the country now. You will be participating in the killing of the very democracy you have killed many people for in the resurrection process.


Sorie M.Jawara.