Letter to editor

On the Miss Diallo Commentary

29 July 2011 at 03:47 | 1114 views

First Name : Cillaty

Last Name : Daboh

Great commentary, Bankole.

What a pity for this poor African lady. At the same time we must be
patient to listen to all sides of the story. Strauss Khan may have
sexually abused this poor lady or may have attempted to do so.
Unfortunately the credibility of the accuser herself has made her
story unbelievable and will likely make a criminal walk free.

I still question the reason behind her press interviews. Those who are
advising her, including her lawyer may be doing her a disservice. They may
be giving a more potent weapon to the defense and indeed the prosecutor
who has hinted that the case may be dropped. Suppose in the course of this
media blitz she says anything that is contrary to what she has already told
investigators? Any mishap will give credence to her lack of credility and
thus making the prosecutor more willing to drop the charge aganist

As much as sympathize with my African sister, I am sometimes mad at the
stories our African sisters tell to seek asylum in other countries. It
has always been rape as was in the case of Ms. Diallo’s asylum pettition
as if rape is the only past time African men know.

Ms. Diallo may be a very religious woman since God is her " witness".
However in a trial on earth the accused has the right to cross examine the
accuser’s witnesses. Unfortunately, Strauss-Kahn will not have the power to
cross-examine Ms. Diallo’s witness. God.

If we Africans can learn anything form this is that we must be very
careful about what we put on paper. We never know when it will come to
haunt us.