Letter to editor

On the Libyan crisis

7 July 2011 at 06:11 | 995 views

First Name : Koyie Henry

Last Name : MANSARAY

Phone Number : 216-7110 23100223

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the Afrocentric view expressed on this piece (editorial on Gaddafi). AU is collectively
grateful to Gaddafi; individually, a lot of the African leaders owe a debt
of gratitude to the Guide of the Libyan Revolution.It is true they have a
lot of clout, but they have been too slow to press hard the Road Map they
suggested as a way-out of the on-going Libyan crisis.

It’s true that Gaddafi has overstayed in power and he wields absolute power, but the Western powers aren’t carrying out bombing raids or dropping weapons to help the Libyan people. They are bent on weakening Libya and its
infrastrucure to an extent that the sprawling oil-producing country
becomes totally dependent on them during the period of national

The policy of United Africa can never be on the cards for
any in-coming puppet regime the West may impose on the Libyan people. Let
Gaddafi be granted a safe exit and the Libyan people be allowed to have a
free and fair democratic system,just as in neighbouring Tunisia.