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Obituary announcement: Eldred Durosimi Jones

23 March 2020 at 17:53 | 1262 views

Obituary Announcement

Krio Community is saddened to announce the death of a Senior Community Member, Professor Eldred Durosimi Jones (Saturday March 21, 2020). The late Accademic Giant was many things to many people; Teacher, Lecturer, Poet, Playright, Radio/TV Presenter, Social/Political Analyst, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend etc. Even when for many years his sight went dim and out, he did not throw the towel but kept working and walking.

He demonstrated faith upon the twin tragedies of the passing of his beloved wife, Majorie, in whose arms he relied for endless love and through whose sight he attended many events to be immediately followed by the burning down of his lovely house at Leicester.

When KC paid him a moral-support visit at his temporary residence on Wilkinson Road, the ever faithful and cheerful Professor was upbeat and kept the group spell bound with exciting stories of life that kept us all entertained and educated.

His death has come at a time when the whole world is anxious over the Corona Virus. His funeral is expected to be a national event and rightly so. We mourn with his immediate family at this very difficult time.