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New role for Olivia Anani

27 January 2021 at 18:55 | 539 views

PIASA is pleased to announce that
Olivia Anani (photo) and Charlotte Lidon will
be co-directors of Africa + Modern and
Contemporary Art Department from this
January onwards.

«This double appointment reinforces
PIASA’s leading role and strengthens
its involvement in the Contemporary
African Art market. PIASA was one of
the first to highlight this category in its
sales programme. » emphasises Frédéric

The highly complementary skills of these
two experts in the sector will thus enable
PIASA to redefine the esthetic vision for
the department while aligning its choices
to global art market trends.
Save the Date on May 19th for the
first auction of Africa + Modern and
Contemporary Art brought by these new