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Musician of the Week: Sampha Sesay

19 February 2017 at 12:40 | 1693 views

PV Staff

Our Musician of the Week for this week is Sampha Sesay, a British pianist and singer with Sierra Leonean ancestry.

Most Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad have never heard of Sampha, which is not strange since he was born and bred in Britain where he has lived all his life.

But Sampha, as he is simply known in in the entertainment industry, will never lose an opportunity to talk about his Sierra Leonean mother who died of cancer a couple of years ago, a loving mother who took care of him and his siblings till her death. A common story in black communities in the Western world.

It is significant to note that Sampha never changed his name (like a lot of muscians do), a name common in northern Sierra Leone, especially Tonkolili district. In fact our Texas correspondent, who is from Tonkolili, also bears the name Sampha Sesay.

Sampha has worked and collaborated with big names in the music industry like Canada’s Drake, Kanye West and Solange. He has also appeared in major talk shows around the word including the Jimmy Fallon show in the United States of America.

Here is Sampha doing one of his songs, No One Knows Me: