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Musa Kamara of SLPP/NA Needs More Education about Mama Salone

7 July 2009 at 03:54 | 1121 views

Editor’s note: This is a response to an article in Sierra Express Media. It was first published in Sierra Express Media.


By Nanette Thomas, Texas.

Certainly, we are now arriving to conclusion that many Sierra Leoneans are lacking historical knowledge about developments in Sierra Leone because of irresistible ignorance, tribal sentiments, greed, selfishness, and power consciousness.

The problem in Sierra Leone is not the government. It is we the people, and until we are prepared to change our attitude and put partisanship behind us and talk about development of our country we are going to continue to have people like Musa Kamara and his likes in our midst. Can we all please listen to the President of Sierra Leone and adopt his slogan ATTITUDINAL CHANGE?

As President of a renowned community in Texas and a researcher of human psychology, a course which I am doing to help correct some Sierra Leoneans’ mental incapacity, I am getting frustrated on my course because of people like Musa Kamara of the fallen SLPP who is still in the denying stage. I cannot help you Musa. I wish I could. I am so sorry, because wasting my time on you would be doing you more harm than good. Should you and your likes need more education to know the facts about our country’s development, I am afraid I have no time at this moment to put people back to school and teach them what they were supposed to have known at kindergarten stage. I am completely busy in searching for projects that are geared towards fostering my country’s development schemes in the interest of the true Sierra Leoneans.
Now here are some of the tips you need to know for the last time about developments in Sierra Leone: Save them so that you do not repeat the same mistake. Following an open question and answer time at the town-hall meeting on the visit of Ernest Koroma in 2006 in Dallas, two of your strongest supporters in your party, Joe Pokawa and Henry Gegbe confessed that every development including infrastructure, education and health care in Sierra Leone emerged thanks to the All People’s Congress (APC). I am expecting you, Musa Kamara to be cognizant of this fact and acknowledge the generous confession of these two gentlemen of your party.

Secondly, a survey in the Diaspora stated that the APC party is the only party in Sierra Leone that tackled the element of tribalism which is one of the worst syndromes the United Nation has launched a campaign for in the globalization process. On your own part, tribal prejudice is at the top of your agenda with your main aim to establish a “Mende Kingdom.” There is much evidence in many books about the root cause of tribalism which the APC’s best President, the late Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens (which you guys do not want to accept) fought against.

We started seeing it again in the SLPP Kabbah administration. Oh don’t you know that? Or maybe you have forgotten. Who are the Kamajors? What is Tegloma? Who are the majority in the rebel war? Where did it start? Who ordered ECOMOG to bomb Freetown and kill everyone just to restore SLPP back to power? Who executed 18 soldiers’, the majority from the North? Who executed the only woman in the history of Sierra Leone? Which President made it quite clear to the world that if it is only one person left in Sierra Leone, once he is reinstated the war should continue? When the war was at its highest peak which group contributed $10,000 to help fight the war in Sierra Leone and kill innocent people all because of POWER? All of these menaces have wrecked our country and ranked our country to be the poorest country of the world. Are you still deaf and blind? You can’t see and you can’t hear, and now you have a third problem you can’t understand.

Let me give you a true picture of the crocodile cloth you and your comrades in the Sierra Leone People’s Problems (SLPP) are wearing which is blocking your heads to know that Sierra Leone’s development was realized only in the APC administration. You are hiding your evil thoughts, and as I have said in my last article, the APC does not hide anything or is he afraid of answering any question?

If you are talking about democracy, is it democracy or Democrazy to deny people from answering questions posed at your so called Commander-in-Chief, John Benjamin’s Town-Hall meeting in Texas? That is why a liberal Sierra Leonean describes your party as “Mendeyism.” And yet, you still claim your party to be democratic.

Let me tell you about your party’s democratic idea with its undemocratic principles. You planted an online news paper that you called, ‘The New People” to contravene the enormous efforts of Dr. Ernest Koroma. There has never been a single sentence on any of that paper’s articles that have ever been about positive things in our beloved country. Is that what you learnt in your societies about democracy? Even though President Koroma is exhausting himself with sleepless nights to change the country as well as you guys for development, your ‘New People’ online paper is still carrying defamatory stories against the President. Is that Democracy or Democrazy? Please let us know. We are all anxiously waiting.

Before I end my free lecture here, may I inform you that Sierra Leone is a changed nation and that your propaganda campaign can never injure the efforts of His Excellency, President Ernest Koroma in pushing the country forward.

The people of Sierra Leone made it quite clear at the 2007 elections that the days are gone when governments will bribe them with a bag of rice to earn their votes. Here you go again! You have forgotten the slogan ‘WATERMELON, “The outside is green, the inside is red.

With John Benjamin being a liar at all times in his crocodile coat, and a diehard tribalist, your determination to form a Mende Kingdom will never succeed in our generation. Goodbye, and please go take a history class on Sierra Leone.

Photo: Nanette Thomas at an SLPP event.