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Miss Sierra Leone Independence 2017: Contestant Aminata Marie Mansaray

5 July 2017 at 01:03 | 1983 views


My name is Aminata Marie Mansaray, I am a Prince Georges County resident. I am the daughter of Alfred and Thatha Mansaray, who are proud Koinadugu natives. I have four brothers and I am the youngest. My family means a lot to me, especially through constant guidance and support; they have shown me on what it means to be grounded in my walk with God, studies, and also a selfless being.

These values have shown me to never give up on anything even if the task may seem difficult, God will always guide, protect and send me through. They’re my biggest supporters in everything and anything I do. In my spare time, I love to write poetry, model, and volunteer at my local hospital.

This December 2017, I will be receiving my degree from Frostburg State University. My major is Biology with a triple concentration in Pre-Med, Women Studies, and Sociology. From receiving my degree, I plan to go to medical school and become an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN). In later years, I plan to have my own practice in Sierra Leone and America. Since I was young I have always wanted to give back to my country some way and somehow, especially to impact the medical industry in Sierra Leone. Which has driven me to create an organization called Marie’s Loving Hands, this project will focus on giving sanitation supplies and also spreading health education awareness through hospitals, jobs, and schools in Sierra Leone. My goal is to prevent future diseases and infection from spreading in Sierra Leone with taking proper precaution, through educating people on sanitation and the importance of why we need to protect ourselves. These small steps can impact a nation and benefit future generations to come.

The reason why I would like to be the next MISL USA 2017, is to make a difference and show the youth that nothing is too small or too big, if you have a dream go for it. Don’t let nothing or anyone stop you from reaching your dreams and turning them into a reality. To continue, my dream is to see my country prosper in many aspects in the social, economic, and educational environment. My father has always told me no matter where you go or what you do “Salone de pa you”. That core value has been implanted through me since I was young. From that lesson, I have learn how to become diligent, ambitious, resilient, and most of all wise. These characteristics that I portrayed has shown me the love I have for helping out and also caring for others, especially for my country of Sierra Leone. I know through the help of others and God’s guidance, I definitely know mi mama Salone shall prosper and all of my dreams will become a reality.