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Poetry: The enigma of a cross

The Enigma of a Cross By Moses Kainwo, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Tell me, What is a cross? Is it white, is it black, Is it white and black? Is it (...)

| May 2017 | 5353 views

Poetry: Howl

Howl By Allen Ginsberg For Carl Solomon I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves (...)

| May 2017 | 4531 views

Poetry: Canto XLV

Canto XLV By Ezra Pound (With Usura) With usura hath no man a house of good stone each block cut smooth and well fitting that design might (...)

| April 2017 | 13303 views

Poetry: I got a glimpse of God

I got a glimpse of God By Willie James King, USA. It was when I was alone in the woods I wasnโ€™t lonely. I knew where I was. Sepia and black (...)

| February 2017 | 4642 views

Poetry: Toward Un-Epiphanies

Toward Un-Epiphanies By Fayia Sellu, California, USA. America longs for the days, when her Conscience was tardy; but in attendance Begrudgingly, (...)

| January 2017 | 4494 views

Poetry: A glimpse of time

A Glimpse of Time By Saidu Bangura, Praia, Cape Verde. (...)

| December 2016 | 4803 views

Poetry: We have no weapon for that

We have no weapon for that By Willie James King, USA. I wasnโ€™t feeling at all low that day I stepped inside a buzzing bistro, penniless, (...)

| December 2016 | 3865 views

Poetry: Oaklandish

Oaklandish By Fayia Sellu, Berkeley, California, USA. Prognosis: Like Brooklyn, Oakland will survive And thrive Post-gentrification From (...)

| September 2016 | 4825 views

Poetry: Fadika

Fadika By Gbanabom Hallowell, Freetown. Your federal demise And the eternal Destination of this nation Speak volume To the smoke of your (...)

| August 2016 | 4407 views

Poetry: A Pandemic Voice

A Pandemic Voice By Mohamed Gibril Sesay, Freetown, Sierra Leone. A pandemic voice Vector of diseased words Like virus of Zika Giving birth (...)

| August 2016 | 4792 views

Poetry: Not Even These Lines

Not Even These Lines By Willie James King, USA. We are spared nothing Yusef says in " Landscape for the Disappeared" and somehow I believe him (...)

| July 2016 | 4010 views

Poetry: Holy Freetown

Holy Freetown By Gibril G. Koroma, Vancouver, Canada. Holy Freetown holy holy holy Holy creatures of the night holy holy holy Ah the (...)

| June 2016 | 4197 views