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Poetry: (Am I?) A Man-Not

(Am I?) A Man-Not By Fayia Sellu, USA (For Tommy Curry) Get back on the train, you fool! (...)

| 4 months ago | 2167 views

Poetry: The agony of a nation

The Agony of a Nation By Jacob Bami Palmer, USA Tear drops from his bloodshot eyes cascaded down his strong rugged cheeks A man, a very strong man (...)

| 4 months ago | 1595 views

Poetry: Living is a fire

Living is a fire By Ben Okri, Nigeria Living is a Fire Living is a cross That any one of the rock-faces Comprehends. We are drawn To (...)

| 4 months ago | 1589 views

Non-fiction: Unheard-of Things

Unheard-of Things By Maaza Mengiste, Ethiopia There is a saying in Ethiopia: when the one who will be killed is in the presence of the killer, there (...)

| 4 months ago | 1401 views

Poetry: A troubadour I traverse...

A troubadour I traverse... By Dennis Brutus, South Africa A troubadour, I traverse all my land exploring all her wide-flung parts with zest (...)

| 5 months ago | 1685 views

Gambian writer Janet Badjan-Young

Gambian writer Janet Badjan-Young has a BA in Drama (UK, 1959) and a Master’s degree in Communications (1979, USA). She has spent the greater part of her (...)

| 5 months ago | 1699 views

Poetry: Eldred Durosimi Jones at 95

Poem written by Prof Kosonike Koso-Thomas to celebrate Prof Eldred Durosimi Jones’ 95th birthday (January 6, 1925). Celebrating Eldred at 95 Look you (...)

| 5 months ago | 1481 views

Sierra Leonean writer Aminatta Forna

Aminatta Forna was born in Scotland, raised in Sierra Leone and Great Britain and spent periods of her childhood in Iran, Thailand and Zambia. She is the (...)

| December 2019 | 2061 views

Writer Joseph Diescho of Namibia

Born in Andara, Kavango Region, Namibia, Diescho attended Fort Hare University in South Africa where he studied law and political science. During his (...)

| December 2019 | 2564 views

Poetry: Please Boss

Please Boss By Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, Kampala, Uganda Please Boss Please if we must Then not on the desk You’re the boss You (...)

| December 2019 | 1247 views

Short story: Punishment and Reward

Punishment and Reward By Koyie Mansaray, Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire* Two girls were born in the same year. They lived and grew up in the same (...)

| December 2019 | 1552 views