Light Thoughts

19 July 2013 at 02:47 | 2403 views

By Agustin Perez.

We are living in a society that has become increasingly lower in calories, both in food as in thought. Not only have we passed from the stew and a good plate of beans to the salad slightly seasoned but we have also created rules that subordinate personal decision to government dictatorship.

We have gone from thinking and reading to watch, captivated, the small screen. Role models are copied more than following ideas.

Beyond entertainment, the media spectacle, more and more lightened to reach a wider audience, has become a transmitter of a "light" culture that once was known as instincts, destroying the classical virtues, breaking authority in the family and school. .

Offering in the TV series disastrous models, disguised as new ways of life, which are presented as attractive, helping to undermine the values rooted in society.