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Kenema: NPPA boss donates to SLPP Kenema district

31 December 2020 at 15:37 | 1038 views

By Expo Moriba Bockarie, Kenema, eastern Sierra Leone

As part of the women’s wing of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, Kenema district, the Chief Executive Officer National Public Procurement Authority Ibrahim Brima Swarray (photo) has donated twenty "trips" of sand, five tons of iron rods, one thousand bags of cement and a 20 million Leones cheque for the construction of the regional party office of the ruling SLPP at Hangha road in Kenema.

The donation was done at the proposed site situated in kenema.

The symbolic event was witnessed by members of the women’s wing, the chairman, SLPP Kenema district Moriba S. Koroma, the regional trustee east Yankuba Nyallay, the women’s leader SLPP Kenema district, the press, Honourable Abubakarr Fofanah of constituency 016,other party members, to name but few.

Speaking to the audience during the occasion, the constituency chairman constituency 016 Brima Mazola Kamara thanked and appreciated the NPPA boss and the women of the party in the district for the gesture towards the construction of their regional party structure.He said people should not consider this move by the NPPA Boss as a way to gain further political favour under the New Direction administration but rather a move to appreciate the efforts of the President and to make his dreams come true in the region.

Brima Mazola Kamara also stated that the NPPA boss stands tall among all other government appointees in the eastern region for his intervention towards the development of the party and the success of the government.

Honourable Abubakarr Fofanah in is his submission on be half of MPs in Kenema district, also acknowledged the efforts of Chief Ibrahim Brima Swarray towards the success of the New Direction administration in the district.

Honourable Fofanah called on members of the party within the district to be supportive of each other citing the NPPA boss as an example.

He said Mr.Swarray is a true replica of the New Direction administration.

He said it is time for implementations and not time for too many meetings and therefore called on the people to give Mr. Swarray the support needed to continue doing the needful and pledged the commitment of all MPs in the district to make sure they continue to strengthen their relationship with the NPPA boss for the interest of all.

Honourable Fofanah said the deliveries of the NPPA boss in the district and the region is exceptional and a man whose implementations in the district speaks volumes. He classified the donation by the NPPA boss and the women’s wing as another step to another success of their party in the district and the eastern region.

Giving the keynote address during the symbolic presentation,Mr.Ibrahim Brima Swarray first thanked all present for making the event key amongst all other busy schedules. Swarray told the audience that His Excellency has in his wisdom given the people of Kenema a lion’s share in his administration and that it is incumbent on all of them to make sure the President succeeds.

He acknowledged that he is a strong member of the SLPP and has however chosen to be a member of the women’s wing because women are strong pillars in terms of political population and that he was brought up by women.

The construction of a party structure is one of the dreams of H.E Bio for party members in the region and therefore believes His Excellency will be a happy man to see that such a dream materialises.

He stressed on the trust the President has in the people of Kenema and the eastern region and therefore called on members to strengthen thAT trust by working together as a family. He noted that as landlords, they should be the ones giving accommodation to people instead of the contrary. He said Kenema is the second home of the President and they as members of the women’s wing will do everything humanly possible to make sure President Bio succeeds. He then presented a receipt for the 1,000 bags of cement, five tons of iron rods and a cheque of Le 20,000,000 to the district chairman, Kenema for commencement of the work.