From the Editor’s Keyboard

Julius Maada Bio: Protected and elevated by God

11 August 2020 at 19:24 | 939 views

By Gibril Gbanabome Koroma

God works in a mysterious way. A lot of the people that used to say nasty things about President Julius Maada Bio (photo) are now working for him, want to work for him or want him to forgive them for their sins or crimes.

He almost never said anything said anything to defend himself when they were saying evil things about him.

Most Sierra Leoneans, governed only by the five senses, and without any critical thinking, will believe whatever they are told or whatever they read or see on social media. They did everything to destroy this man called Maada Bio, but God said to them: No, go away, you vile creatures, I will make him rule over you again. And it happened.

This should be an inspiration to us all. No man or woman can be destroyed with vile rumours and propaganda. Only the truth shall prevail.

This thought just came to me this morning. Have a nice day.