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Josephus Tenga is Rotary Club Keynote Speaker

19 November 2007 at 20:21 | 1194 views

Josephus Jose Tenga,a Sierra Leone economist and prominent member of the Sierra Leone Discussion Group(an online forum of Sierra Leonean professionals) has been selected as keynote speaker at a Rotary Club seminar in Vancouver, Canada. We publish below the seminar announcement:

Regional Rotary Foundation Seminar-Zone 22 (West)
January 19, 2008-Vancouver (Richmond)

Keynote Speaker
Jose Tenga is originally from Sierra Leone but now lives in Canmore, Alberta. Until April 2007, he was a Senior Social Impact Specialist for Worley Parsons in Calgary. The company is a multi-national organization involved in the energy sector.

Jose has extensive experience in the field of development and conflict resolution, with over 20 years of professional and field experience that included multiple missions in conflict areas.

After receiving his degree in Economics from the University of Sierra Leone, he spent several years working in commercial banking. His experience in financing rural credit initiatives sparked his interest in development.

From there, Jose was recruited into UNICEF, where he helped establish UNICEF’s country office in Sierra Leone and worked as Supply and Logistics Officer. His volunteer work with United Nations Peacekeeping Missions such as UNAMIL, UNAMSIL and UNOSOM has taken him to Somalia, Liberia, Angola and areas of conflict within his own country.

Since moving to Canada with his family in 2000, Jose served as the CFO of CAUSE Canada, where he was responsible for technical and professional guidance in finance and administration.

As a Rotary World Peace Fellow, Jose intends to concentrate on poverty alleviation initiatives and how they can minimize the emergence and consequences of conflict, and the study of ‘preventative development.’

Jose holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Sierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone, a graduate Certificate in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a graduate Certificate in Strategic Project Management from the University of Calgary and, as a Rotary World Peace Scholar, a Masters degree in International Development Policy from Duke University, North Carolina.

Jose was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Calgary as a World Peace Scholar.

Photo:Josephus (Jose) Tenga.