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We believe in due process

28 February 2021 at 17:05 | 790 views


By Abdulai Braima

GOVERNANCE is not about knee-jerk reaction to every flippant allegation.
Democratic Governance is a slow but steady PROCESS.

Those who think they can use frivolous allegations to distract the PROCESS and becloud the truth are day dreaming!

You can steal and publish as many so-called bank statements as you wish. You can even go on to characterise government expenditures as your irrefutable “evidence of corruption”; but that is not going to save you from paying back every single penny that has been duly established to be stolen from the people.
We trust this government to follow due process, diligently, and we know that the government is quite prepared to give the courts as much freedom as they need to adjudicate on the matters lined up in the appeal process, but those found guilty of criminal conduct would be called upon to pay, according to the laws of the land.

No cheering up of the outlandish claims by mischievous fabricators is going to prevent the guilty from facing the whips of justice!
No wanton accusation against the ruling government is going to free the accused if they are eventually found guilty of the crimes for which they stand accused.

We believe in DUE PROCESS!
Throwing blanket accusations at
your accuser, using lies as “evidence” is NOT due process!
And it is definitely NOT a safety net for the guilty!

Trust the Process!
Believe in God!
Love your country!