From the Editor’s Keyboard

Book Review: It’s Called 24

By Dr. Adrienne T. Hunter Thank you for your interest in my 2nd book which will change lives in 2020. And thank you for any opportunity to highlight my (...)

| January 2020 | 858 views

Possible misinterpretation of 2018 audit report

By Mustspha Wai, CPA As we the people remain committed to holding the government to account, we must do so using accurate information and in good faith. (...)

| December 2019 | 1154 views

On the proposed 2020 budget

The Proposed 2020 Budget: Establishment of Wages and Compensation Commission and the National Micro Credit Scheme By Kortor Kamara, Special Contributor, (...)

| December 2019 | 1186 views

Commonwealth teams up with ’NO MORE’ initiative

The Commonwealth has announced a new partnership designed to reduce domestic violence in member countries. Today, Secretary-General Patricia Scotland (...)

| November 2019 | 804 views

No person with disability left behind

By Fayia Sellu, Special Contributor, USA Sunday April 14th was the Grand Finale of arguably the most popular television show in Sierra Leone, Housemates (...)

| November 2019 | 1562 views

About Culture, ‘Swearing’ & #JebbehToo

By Fayia Sellu, Special Contributor, USA As a Diasporic subject, Social Media is crucial to how I experience Sierra Leone, in past and present; which (...)

| November 2019 | 1191 views

One country, different colours

By Fayia Sellu, Special Contributor, USA The current protagonist of the presidency of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, had the very much overdue meeting (...)

| October 2019 | 1280 views