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Freetown: Council of Imams apologises to VP Juldeh Jalloh

28 October 2019 at 21:38 | 1872 views

PV Staff

A high-powered delegation from the country’s Council of Imams Monday 28th October, 2019 met with Vice President Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh (photo) at his Tower Hill office where they registered their apologies over the unfortunate incident that occurred last Friday Juma prayers at Bashariya Mosque, Freetown.

According to Freetown’s Satellite newspaper, the religious ministers were rising to the occasion following a recent incident at that mosque where supporters of the "opposition APC candidate Dr Samura Kamara disrupted the sanity of the holy place when the visiting VP was addressing worshippers."

Speaking on behalf of all the Imams in the country, the newspaper went on, the President of the Council of Imams, Dr. Mohamed Habib Sheriff said the incident was "unprecedented in Islam because Muslims are known for being peaceful, respectable to elders, humble and very submissive at all times."

The President expressed his dissatisfaction at the Bashariya worshipers. He condemned the act, adding that the VP is a father of all Muslims in the country. He promised that the United Council of Imams will put mechanisms in place whenever a future visit is

Responding to members of the council, the Vice President of the Republic
of Sierra Leone, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh said the incident was very unfortunate. He stressed that he does not need to give any prior notification should he wish to pray as a Muslim, the Satellite report stated.

Accepting the apologies from the holy men, the VP thanked the Council of Imams for apologizing on behalf of the Bashariya worshippers and the entire Muslims in the country.

However, the VP lamented that it is regrettable that while the
Basharia leadership blamed him for not informing them about his
intention to observe the Jumaat prayers, the leadership did not
condemn the appalling behavior of the supporters of Sumura Kamara in a place of worship.

The VP intimated that although protocol demands that he informs
mosque authorities of his intention to pray with them, his reason
for unannounced visits is to avoid the possibility of interrupting the proceedings of Jamaat prayers around him, adding that he wants to come as a normal worshipper and observe his prayers like any other devout Muslim.

He noted that the country has religious tolerance and that his boss
President Bio always preaches it. He promised that the New Direction
government is desirous of continuing with that trajectory in the country.

"He revealed that the New Direction government is doing its utmost to support the religious bodies in the country and that their aim is to enhance the prevalence of peace and tranquility in the country," the Satellite narrative ended.

Samura Kamara lost to current president Maada Bio in the 2018 presidential bid. Since then he has been going around delivering speeches in mosques to the country’s muslim communities although he is a Christian belonging to the Roman Catholic faith. Responding to criticism that he is disturbing the peace, Samura’s supporters on social media are vigorously claiming that Sierra Leone is a democratic country and that he is free to go wherever he wants.

The majority of Sierra Leone’s population are Muslims. Some observers within and outside the country therefore believe Samura is busy campaigning although the 2023 elections are far away. He is the only opposition politician doing that. Some of these observers on various platforms are therefore saying the ruling government or the imams of the various mosques should put a stop to this for peace and tranquility to reign in the country.