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Engaging Minds Child Care, Toronto, Canada

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About Us
Engaging Minds Child Care is the creation of a working parent for working parents. Our goal was to create a space where children feel comfortable learning, while mom and dad are at work. Our location has been professionally designed to accommodate busy infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The toys, games, activities, programs and outdoor playground are all tailored to meet the developmental and social needs of your child. Our staff have been carefully chosen. They are highly qualified, extremely caring and have been extensively trained to meet our high standards for care. Our aim is to treat your children as if they were our own.

Our center has an abundance of natural light in each classroom. This creates a less stressful environment for the children, leading to reducing fatigue factors, improving children’s health and enhancement of general development.

We at Engaging Minds Child Care plan for the provision of nutritious meals and snacks necessary for the optimum health and growth of the children in our care. Our creative and appealing menus contribute towards the acceptance of a variety of new foods and lifelong healthy eating habits. All our meals are cooked from scratch in house by a trained chef. Our 4 week menu has been approved by the Health Department and the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The meals we prepare meet all requirements of the four food groups.

Engaging Minds Child Care creates a fun based environment that nurtures and educates young minds through a variety of programs, enabling self discovery and growth. We offer parents unparalleled peace of mind through our secure live video streaming technology. Research suggests that early child care provides children with the confidence needed to later integrate into society. In addition to the social skills, children become lifelong learners from the foundation that has been formed during this early learning period. We are a fully licensed facility, meeting and exceeding the requirements set forth by the province through the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. The center is routinely inspected by the Health Department, Fire Department and licensing officers from the Ministry. We are thrilled that you are considering us for your childcare learning needs. We at Engaging Minds Child Care are driven by a common goal, which is to excel in every aspect of the services we offer. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will ensure that you, the parent will receive all the information required to make an informative decision.

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