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Biden and the path to global renaissance and healing

10 November 2020 at 12:02 | 1102 views

By Gibril Koroma, Editor/Publisher, Toronto, Canada

The recent Joe Biden victory at the polls over Donald Trump is not just an event of tremendous importance for Democrats in America but also for billions of people across the globe.

America had grown, over the centuries, to become not only an economic giant (despite the challenges recently posed by China) but also as the biggest moral guarantor and ’keeper of the seal’ of democracy, human rights and moral decency.

When America, under Donald Trump, started tearing up international trade agreements, turning its back on climate change perils, antagonizing her allies while embracing some of America’s traditional foes, many Americans and billions of watchers around the world were alarmed. Not to talk of the chaos in domestic American politics.

President-elect Joe Biden was evidently the candidate of the majority of world leaders and the majority of people around the world and his opponent, Mr. Trump, knew that but did not care. Biden was the candidate of mostly urban, educated America and minorities and most of the world while Trump was the candidate of mostly less sophisticated, working class and rural America. A sharply divided country.

With the way things are currently, both inside and outside America, we can only reiterate the oft-repeated cliche that Biden indeed has a lot on his plate as he prepares himself to take up the reins of governance in January next year.

This is going to be the most difficult job in the world for any human being but luckily he has former presidents Obama, the Clintons, Bush and Carter to help him along the way with solid advice. They are all good personal friends and some among them were colleagues. He is therefore, in this sense, a lucky man. President Trump on the other hand, ruled almost alone, isolated by most of the world. But he did not care. In fact he preferred it that way. For him, he and his supporters are the only thing that matters.

The people of the world looked up to him in the fight against Covid-19 but he let them down with no plan, or rather no global plan as expected from a leader of the world.. Covid-19 is thus Biden’s biggest challenge right now. Thankfully a vaccine by the pharmaceutical colossus, Pfizer, is on the way.

Minorities and the poor and marginalized in America (whether they voted for him or not) will look up to Biden to protect and empower them, while people in Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and little New Zealand will all look up to him to do what is necessary for world peace and progress once again. To lead the way towards a global rebirth, a global healing, a global renaissance.

It’s a monumental task.

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