Dede Abu laments soccer problems in Sierra Leone

14 January 2009 at 03:26 | 3455 views

By Sanpha Sesay, PV Texas Correspondent.

Dede Abu, a former defender of East End Lions and “super duper” Sierra Fisheries football clubs in Freetown has expressed sorrow and disappointment over the deteriorating circumstances of soccer/football, which he described as the main sporting event in the country.

During his last visit to Sierra Leone and the subsequent information that he has been receiving about the status of football in the country, Dede became frustrated when the country’s football governing body WAS unable to fulfill the nation’s expectations by failing to prioritize football as the only sporting activity that everyone loves in the country.

Despite the problems in organizing leagues and other sports activities, he believes the authorities should look into the impact of sports in other parts of the world including how it creates huge revenue, and note that sports is a social phenomenon in our country.

"If the football issue is fully addressed there is no way we can fall behind other West African countries like Guinea Bissau, Guinea, and even the world cup "attempters", Togo, Ivory Coast and Senegal to whom we had been superior but who are now in world football," Dede said.

The veteran player added that football, which has been the main entertainment in the country is no longer a priority in the country. It is shameful he said, that uncertainty continues when one calendar year went by without a football league.

"How can we expect to be considered in the world of football when there is no functioning league that can ensure the efficiency of our stars?, he asked.

Since the problems in football began, there has never been any clear press release that will explain the causes, he observed. To restore sanity to football industry, he suggested that the government and the football association need new and diverse approaches to remedy the situation.

"It is a now time to choose people that love sports and who are ready to put aside monetary interests and to devote themselves to the interests of the nation. It is always vital that checks and balances be imposed to ensure the right things are done," Dede said.

Dede complimented soccer super star, Mohamed Kallon, for his patriotic efforts to finance and promote the national team, Leone Stars. But Kallon alone or a single individual’s efforts cannot be enough to challenge the huge problems the country is facing in terms of finance, he observed. Therefore, he said, a collective effort is more important to resolve the economic problems that brought about the stagnation.

Dede Abu, who is the Secretary General of the Diaspora organization, Sierra Leone Overseas Old Athletic Association (SLOOAA) called on his fellow veteran footballers, football fans and all citizens of Sierra Leone across the globe to come together and establish fundraising initiatives to enhance the efforts of the Sierra Leone Football Association, SLFA, in order to restore the former glory of football in Sierra Leone.

Dede’s profile is due in the couple of weeks to inform people about who he is and his determination to help promote and develop football Sierra Leone.

Photos: Dede Abu(top) and Dede Abu training players in Maryland, USA.