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Cynthia Agbozo’s Aromas from Ghana

By  | 5 November 2007 at 06:41 | 1949 views

Her name is Cynthia Aba Agbozo. She is from Ghana but she was not born in Ghana. She was born in London, United Kingdom. At the tender age of three she returned to Ghana with her parents.

Here mom, a consummate cook and caterer, was always busy preparing food for weddings and other social gatherings in Accra, Ghana’s capital. While that was going on, young Cynthia and her two sisters and brother would help with various chores.

“That was how I learnt to cook,” Cynthia told me recently when I met her at the Calvary Church in New Westminster. Her two children, Emmanuel and Adelaide, sat quietly by and listened keenly as the interview progressed.

“I used to help mom in the kitchen and over time I learnt how to cook very well,” she proudly added.

Cynthia has recently published a book on Ghanaian cuisine titled: “Aromas from Ghana,” which has already started selling well in Vancouver and its environs. It’s also being distributed in the United States, the United Kingdom and Ghana.

At the age of 18, Cynthia went back to London to study Personnel Management at Thames Valley University. She later worked in the Human Resources, Equal Opportunities and Recruitment departments of various banks in the city before she got married to Ghanaian Publisher Henry Agbozo in 1990. The couple and their children later moved to Vancouver in 2002.

“We moved mainly because we wanted to slow down, after living such a hectic life in London. We also needed a career change”, Cynthia explained.

One thing that struck her immediately when they arrived in Vancouver was the very small number of African stores selling African food. There were also not many African restaurants. In London there are many of them, selling most of the food items and ingredients you can find in Africa. She saw a business opportunity in this lack of African food and went into action.

“ As a Christian, I believe God can use our everyday skills and turn them into a blessing for us and also for the people around us. This was an opportunity to de-mystify and popularize African cuisine," she pointed out, with a smile.

Fortunately for Cynthia, her husband, Henry, set up a publishing company called DaySprings Publishing with offices in Surrey. Of course Cynthia’s book is one of the first recipe books published by DaySprings. It appeared in August this year.

The 101-page book costs $21.95 in Canada and it’s full of easy to understand recipes for several mouth-watering food like waache (rice and beans), Jollof rice, fufu and so on.

Cynthia has many qualities: a good cook, a mother and an author. She has also worked as a Legal Assistant in Vancouver and is currently a full time law student. A very industrious and hard working personality indeed.

Aromas from Ghana can be ordered online at Cynthia has a Book Signing at Chapters 12101, 72nd Avenue, Surrey on Saturday November 10th, 2007 from 1pm to 3pm and would like the community to turn up in full force.

Photos: Cynthia and the cover of her book.