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Congratulations, Dr. George Ayisi Boateng

23 July 2021 at 15:51 | 677 views

PV Staff

Many Africans stop opening books after their first university degree or when they get a job they are comfortable with. All they would do then until they retire is to take care of their immediate and extended families. Even when they retire they seldom open a book.

There is this funny or tragic story going around on social media that says despite the massive looting that had been recently taking place in South Africa, bookshops were seldom attacked. The looters were apparently not interested in books. This reveals the fact that many Africans or blacks are generally not interested in education even if it is free. This has been confirmed by many researchers.

This brings us to the amazing story of Dr. George Ayisi Boateng of Ghana (pictured). Dr. Boateng is said to have got his first university degree (BA) at the age of 64, an MBA at age 67 and a PhD when he is 75. He recently graduated with a PhD from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

We are sure there are other black people like Dr. Boateng out there but we are also sure there are not too many of them.

Most African countries that are comparatively doing well like Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Kenya and so on have high levels of literacy and are excited about learning new things including modern technology.

The current government in Sierra Leone lays huge emphasis on education and manpower development and a couple of years from now, we are optimistic Sierra Leone will have a high literacy rate far above the present 40%.

We need more people like Dr. Boateng these days especially with the availability of online education.

Congratulations, Dr. Boateng.