COMIUM rescues the nation again

27 February 2009 at 18:11 | 2937 views

By Ibrahim Babatunde Sesay, Freetown.

Once again, Sierra Leoneès leading mobile telecommunications company, COMIUM, has demonstrated its highest sense of corporate social responsibility by rescuing the nation’s most popular sport, soccer by sponsoring the national premier league.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the untiring COMIUM Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hyde(photo) revealed a series of package that his company has put in place to enhance the quality standards the league deserves. He said COMIUM has collaborated with a consortium of other leading companies to constitute a marketing committee to enhance communication and public standing.

“COMIUM will utilize existing media contracts to provide extensive media coverage and billboard promotion of the league and events such as live radio coverage of matches,” he said added that all revenues from ticket sales will be paid in full to the (SNPB) without deduction by the consortium.

Also, Durosimi Thomas, a member of the Sierra Leone National Premiership Board revealed that they were very excited over the deal with COMIUM.

He assured that very soon the league will kick off all over the country.

The sponsorship deal will see COMIUM in association with First International Bank, United Bank for Africa, GTB, and Sierra Leone Brewery share the marketing rights equally.

Under these terms, the sponsorship consortium requires the SNPB to appoint to the premier league board one non-executive director nominated by the consortium.

Many sports fans that this reporter spoke to have expressed their satisfaction over the deal saying it will wake up Sierra Leone’s football from the slumber it has been in all this while. “COMIUM has done it again they have rescued the country’s most cherished game form collapse,” a host of football loving fans said to this reporter.