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Cognovative Business Services Inc

26 August 2019 at 07:44 | 743 views

Our Ideal Customer
I have had clients in dozens of industries so all types of business are welcome. I am looking small to medium size businesses.
Some of them are currently managing their business on the back of a napkin, word invoices, and spreadsheets but growth has made these practices unmanageable. They need to save paper, money, and stress by integrating their operations using QuickBooks.
Others are currently QuickBooks users and would like to improve their use of the product to better manage their growing and changing business.
Our customer types

Small Business
Who we’re interested in working with
Electronics Store
Computer Consultant & Support
Bank Payroll Services
Brokerage Firm
Advertising / Marketing
College & University
Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Service
Web Designer
Business Consultant
Medical Center
Insurance Company
Advertising & Communication
Financial Service
Loan Service
Tax Preparation Service
Computer Repair Service
Business Service

About Us
I help small business owners across Canada leverage the QuickBooks platform to better understand and take control of their accounting, cash flow, and business management. Through ongoing support, training, and customized integration, I strive to give every client the confidence to properly grow and manage their business.
The products and services we offer
Design Installation
Accounting Software

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