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Childhood Obesity

29 April 2013 at 02:42 | 1802 views

Dear Editor,

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Childhood obesity

Cardiovascular and endocrine diseases are the main problems related to childhood obesity. However, there is another dilemma very dangerous called cancer. A study published in the journal "Cell" states that overweight acts as a promoter of tumors in general and particularly of liver tumors.

Today’s children will live fewer years and with worse quality of life than their grandparents; this is because the problems derived from obesity and passivity, warned in a press conference the president of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of the Society of Endocrinology and nutrition. In the last ten years childhood obesity has doubled, reaching 13.9 %. In addition, 30% of obese children are also obese as adults.

The practice of parents leaving children to watch television so that they are not bothered too much is not good for the health of kids. Two New Zealand scientists have shown that too much TV during childhood increases the chances of being obese as a more direct way as poor nutrition or by not doing physical exercise. 41% people who are overweight at 26 matches with those who spent more hours in front of the TV in their childhood.

The Center for Consumer Freedom in the US has started a campaign against overweight under the slogan "obesity: epidemic or exaggeration? “ It seeks to deny the obvious in the world’s fattest country. The journal of the Medical College pointed out that obesity was the second leading cause of death in the US.

The distribution group Eroski has launched a campaign against obesity in collaboration with four associations related to health and healthy eating. Obesity is a serious problem for health in many of the developed countries because of its impact and its health burden. It is estimated that about 13% of the population between 25 and 60 is obese. The figures of obesity and overweight children and adolescents are even more worrying. Almost 14% of the population between 2 and 24 years is obese and 26.3 % are overweight.

“The best seasoning for food is hunger” said Cicero.

Clemente Ferrer