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Canadian government invests $1.5 billion to train workers

13 November 2020 at 21:59 | 1026 views

PV Staff

The Canadian government announced Friday the putting aside of 1.5 billion dollars to help Canadians in the different territories and provinces to develop the skills they would need to get good jobs.

The government is doing this to help workers and employers face the challenges of the Cov id-19 pandemic. Some of them will be taught new skills and some employers would be going partially or completely online which means their workforce would be trained on how to carry out their work online.

The $1.5 billion will be a n investment into the Workforce Development Agreements in the provinces and territories and the initiative and would pay special attention to what the government calls "underrepresented" groups and older workers. In essence government will be retraining anyone that needs and wants retraining to face the new challenges in the workplace.

Click on the link below for the government announcement:

Photo: Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion.