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Canadian designer launches first-ever sustainable Anti-Viral medical scrubs

12 January 2021 at 20:08 | 1290 views

Canadian fashion designer, Nina Kharey, of globally renowned womenswear brand NONIE, announced today the pre-launch of new venture – Folds, the world’s first full-circle recyclable, sustainable, anti-viral medical scrubs. Known for her timeless simplistic contemporary designs, as worn by Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Kharey’s pivot into PPE came as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, designing scrubs for men and women available today for pre-order.

“Launching Folds has been a true passion project of mine,” says Nina Kharey, Founder & CEO of Folds. “At the outset of the pandemic, the stark realities of the quality of clothing our global healthcare heroes wear became abundantly clear, so I wanted to use my engineering background to help develop new technologies to redefine the future of medical wear.”

Kharey, an engineer turned designer, worked with a lab in Europe to develop the nanotechnology for the materials, which is the science behind the anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial fabrics. After crowdsourcing with professionals throughout various medical fields, Kharey designed three modern tops for women, two for men and two styles of bottoms for both women and men, available in either black or grey. Defining characteristics of Folds scrubs include:

Nina Kharey

The first protective scrubs. Silver Ion technology, along with the TiO2 added to the polymer, makes them odorless, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial.
The first eco-friendly scrubs. Folds scrubs can be washed 400+ times, are made from post-consumer plastic, lasting, on average, twice as long as current scrubs, and at the end of their medical use are put through the brand’s recycling system to create new scrubs, keeping millions of yards of fabric out of landfills.
Designed for comfort and performance. Folds are soft with 4-way stretch, allowing for full range of movement. They are cooling and self-cleaning so they can be worn for the long shifts of health care workers.

Ethically manufactured. Folds are ethically designed and manufactured in Canada, with living wages along with safe, comfortable working conditions.

“It is my belief we should be supporting medical practitioners, who save lives and put their health at risk every single day, with the same care and attention we have for our superior athletes. These scrubs have forward thinking design and are also the world’s first fully recyclable sustainable scrubs, taking into consideration the end of life of garments.” continues Kharey.

Folds, an engineering tech PPE company, merging coveted fashion design and medicine at the intersection of sustainability and technology offers medical professionals new options for protective medical wear, build for comfort and performance.

“We are making a distinct effort to help protect people while saving the planet.” States Kharey.

Folds is exclusively available for pre-order on beginning today. Each purchase includes a limited-edition sustainable tote bag, only available while quantities last