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Canada: Cameroonians, Sierra Leoneans mourn Walters Munde

By  | 17 February 2019 at 18:01 | 8347 views

Cameroonians and Sierra Leoneans are in grief with the passing of Walters Munde (photo), a renowned member of both communities here. The late Walters Munde was a born-and-bred Cameroonian who also became a Sierra Leonean by marriage. Munde passed away in Edmonton on Friday February 8, 2019. He was 50 years old.

This is the second death in as many months; in the Sierra Leonean community here. Another Sierra Leonean, Osman Kamara, passed away on Tuesday December 18, 2018. The late Osman Kamara, also 50 years old, was laid to rest here in Edmonton; on Saturday December 29 last year.

Walters Wakum Munde hails from a place called Meta in the Bamenda Prefecture of northwest Cameroon. Mister Walters, as most Sierra Leoneans called him here, is survived by his wife Petula (nee Pearce) and their 11-year-old daughter Muriel.
Munde went to Sierra Leone in the late 1980s; spending several years there as a student at Njala University College. At Njala, he first earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science in 1993. Then he followed it up with a master’s degree in crop protection, at the same college, in 1997. Both degrees were conferred by the University of Sierra Leone (USL). It was during his time in Sierra Leone that Munde met and married Petula; about 25 years ago.

Cameraman Munde at the Sierra Leone Independence dance last year

The late Walters Munde returned to Cameroon during the latter years of the war in Sierra Leone. He spent a few years in Cameroon; working with the food processing company Del-Monte. Then he moved to Belgium. There he secured a second master’s degree; specializing in environmental sanitation. Munde came to Canada in March 2008; after a sojourn in the United Kingdom. Up to the time of his death, Mr. Munde was an instructor at CDI College in Edmonton. He taught one of his specialties – oil and gas administration.

Osman Kamara

The deceased was an avid photographer/videographer; setting up his own company Pesowa GreenTech; as he practised his passion professionally. He was a welcome personality in the Sierra Leonean community; often volunteering his services at public functions. “Walters made his presence felt during and after each social event,” recalls Dr. Alfred Saffa. “He would quietly go to work with his cameras, and the finished products never disappointed.”

Dr. Saffa was a lecturer at Njala University while Walters was a student there; and the two ultimately became friends when they reunited in Canada. SLAA President Dr. Abu Conteh, tells that it was Dr. Saffa who introduced him to the late Walters Munde; soon after he (Dr. Conteh) arrived in Edmonton. “Doc knew we were both scientists with similar specialties and he linked us up,” Dr. remembers.

Late Walters Munde with his camera at the SLAA presidential election

The SLAA president informed The Patriotic Vanguard that a wake-keeping (vigil) will be held in memory of Walters Munde, on Friday March 1, 2019. “This will be followed by a celebration of his life the next day Saturday,” Dr. Conteh confirmed.

The body of the late Walters Munde will be conveyed to Cameroon for burial.