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Book Review: He Called Me Tin

19 July 2019 at 13:47 | 1540 views

Book Review: He Called Me Tin by Dr. Adrienne T. Hunter

Thank you for your interest in my best-selling book. As a descendant of Sierra Leone, I am honored to share my story with you as my family. I appreciate all the support and I hope to continue inspiring women of color, working professionals, those with disabilities, veterans, spiritual journey seekers, students who are interested in scientific careers, global travelers, and anyone who wishes to embrace the best in all obstacles. May God bless all.

From childhood distress to an attempt at suicide to being scarred by religion to receiving a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to depression after working with burned patients in India to riding a horse up an active volcano as it slipped on lava in Guatemala to the strife of discrimination as a government employee, I have overcome in peace…Dr. Adrienne is an award-winning millennial, one of the world’s leading health informaticists, and a courageous global citizen. However, beneath her serene and bold persona lives a remarkable journey of steadfastness once coated with ambiguity.

He Called Me Tin is a story of triumph and perseverance which shares vulnerable accounts of how one nickname shaped her experiences in 12+ selected countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


It was 3:41 pm on October 17, 2016, when I gazed upon the brown carpet in the 5-star hotel room I was assigned to in Rwanda. I had just arrived in-country from Malawi, where my family and I were living at the time, to attend a technology-focused conference session for work that week. Who stops in the doorway and stares at the carpet? It had several different hues of the shade and multiple patterns which effectively camouflaged any imperfections or damage. I also could not help but think of all the guests who left their imprint on the flooring. Okay, so this was not the most sanitary thought, but it was relative to what had been on my heart. As I continued to study it, I was somewhat bewildered by how much it reminded me of...well, myself…
With all the drastic changes I encountered personally and professionally, the adrenaline began to wear off swiftly and I became vulnerable, suppressed, and debilitated in my new perception of living my purpose. From being a military child to earning opportunities to work around the world, this was such purpose I was to be living. However, I began to question my existence and whether the risks, planning, prayers, commitment, and emotional investments were worth it. Was I still adhering to God’s will for my life? At that very instant, as I continued to stand there with my room’s key card, suitcase, and a necessity to take a hot shower after having taken multiple flights starting off before midnight the previous day, I allowed myself another moment to stare and ponder.
I then snapped out of it. Had I forgotten who I was? I had to remind myself that I was not the wall-to-wall, fabricated, catch-all carpet! I was a delicate, abundant, special, powerful being who came from a lineage of kings and queens, slaves who forcefully journeyed from the Motherland and went on to aid in building an entire nation, and whose ancestors were God-loving and compassionate. I am a descendant of royalty, strife, bravery, courage, and strength. How dare I ever compare myself to that carpet? And how dare you ever do the same…

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