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ASM Dispute Resolution Service, Toronto

18 July 2019 at 02:56 | 1573 views

About Us
Adi is a Toronto based mediator with over a thousand hours of mediation and negotiation experience. In addition to running her practise, Adi works as a mediator in Small Claims Court and as a Dispute Resolution Educator at York University in the Division of Continuing Education. She is a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario.
A facilitative mediator, Adi adeptly offers her experience and views when asked to do so by the parties involved. Persistent in her approach to mediation, she is dedicated to the process, backed by a 98% success rate in her practice, and an 82% success rate in Small Claims Court.
Adi’s preparation for each mediation is personalized and thorough. She arrives informed on the issues at hand and adapts the mediation process to meet the needs of the clients through both joint sessions and caucuses.
The final decision of any mediation always rests with the parties involved. In order to aid disputants in overcoming impasses during the process, Adi offers a diversity of options towards reaching a resolution through techniques she has established over the years.
Adi Areas of Expertise include, but are not limited to:
Home Improvements

Car Insurance claims

Commercial Construction

Civil/Small Claims Court


Elderly family members home relocation, and external agency support

Estate & Will

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